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She Was Born to Dance

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She was about three years old, they said, when she asked: “Daddy could you rent Uncle Sunny’s house that he doesn’t use anymore for me please?”

Not exactly the words Daddy expected to be coming out of the mouth of his youngest child.

I wasn’t there,  but I am sure he only asked why to amuse her.

The three year old said: “To keep dance classes.”

Knowing her the way I do, I can just imagine she said it so matter of fact and in her mind,  she was probably saying “Like duh daddy – why else would I need a house?”

Janelle "JanceHD" Johnson

Janelle “JanceHD” Johnson

Most know her as Janelle. Her friends on Facebook will see a profile for Janelle Jance HD Johnson. Her followers on Twitter and the Instagram crew know her as sweet_nelle85.  Her mother calls her Jan; her father and brothers prefer Prim (another story for another time). For me, she’s sis.

I’ve known her all her life – the earlier years of which she cannot remember. As a result, there are stories about Sis that I could share.  For example, I could have wriiten about how resourceful she is or I could have written about how she always says to me “Think of it as practice for the kids” when she asks favours of me.  However, on this occasion, I chose to write Sis, the dancer.

Jance HD

Janelle has been dancing for most of her life and she has choreographed for and danced with different dance troupes over the years.  As a result, she has been exposed to a variety of dance techniques such as modern, jazz and traditional folk.

Her favourite styles of dance are hip-hop and dancehall because of the high energy and vibes.  She sees this as a reflection of her personality.

Owing to her love for hip-hop and dancehall, she started her own dance classes called Jance HD.

Jancing on Smile Jamaica with Yendi Phillips

Jancing on Smile Jamaica with Yendi Phillips (center)

How the name came about?

JANCE is a fusion of Janelle (her first name) and Dance.  HD has a double meaning: H is for Hip-Hop and the D for Dancehall; it also means high definition. 

Contact details

For more information, you can check out her Facebook page at www.facebook.com/JanceHD.

You may also email her at: jancehd@gmail.com.

So sis, cheers to your next adventure and remember always – with Him ALL things are possible.




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