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M Nigelby M Nigel

As I sat in the car this morning having breakfast, watching the various cars and people pass by, I had the most sobering experience that I have had in a long time.

There was this man, dressed in a grey pants and a long sleeve white shirt with a back pack making his way to what appeared to be his place of employment.

What made this man, of all the other people, stand out and grab my attention?


I froze as I watched as he skilfully manoeuvred himself along the sidewalk, over the hurdles and around the holes.  He held up his hands as he was about to go across the road; the tooting horns indicated his allowance to do same.


We take so much for granted. Let us count our blessings instead of complaining.  God is good to all of us.

That blind man was not complaining, irrespective of how many holes and humps there were on the roads.  Neither was he complaining about the obvious fact that he is blind.  Nor was he parked at some corner begging.  He used his ‘eyes on a stick’ to guide his every step along his treacherous path.

Whenever you are next in the Cross Roads area, look out for this blind man, you may just be blessed, if even by the mere fact that you can SEE him.

To God be the glory!

Author: Kaynijo

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  1. Great piece! Good job.

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