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Crazy in love

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Crazy in love


How are you?  I hope you are fine.  I know I am – after today, who wouldn’t be?

I would like to talk to you about what happened today; I’ll go first. 

I thought I knew how much I missed you, but when I saw you, even though you were just an arm stretch away, I began missing you even more.  I realized something rather fascinating – fascinating to me at least – I was hungry for you.  Weird isn’t it?

Today was way more than just the physical.  You touched my mind, my heart and my soul.  After you left, I couldn’t stop thinking about you. 

I have a serious case of ‘You-titis’.  I confess, take me to jail, it is true!  I have been counselling myself ever since I first realized that I am beyond the point of no return.

When we first met, I had no intentions whatsoever to make my feelings for you go so far.  I saw you then as just another ‘victim’. 

But…I am falling; falling deeper and deeper and deeper.  Help!

If I never met you, I would never have learnt how wonderful it feels to care about someone with every single fibre of my being.  Thank you for showing me how to care, how to trust and how to be loyal.  Thank you for being my friend and for being there when I needed you most.

I will never be able to repay you for teaching me that I can believe in and depend on love.

I extend my gratitude to both God and your parents.  If it were not for them, we would never have met.

My heart is yours and you mean the world to me.


Author: Kaynijo

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