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Is there a conspiracy against our education?

Have you ever wondered why our school system focuses mainly on teaching us how to get a good job but not so much on how to own and/or create these jobs?  And yes, I agree, not everyone wants to be a boss.  And yes, it is very possible to achieve your dream by working for someone else, but that is not what this article is about.

Has our education system been manipulated?  Is it deliberate that we do not learn about the fundamentals of money at school?  If we learnt about how money works at

Image courtesy of www.freedigitalphotos.net

Image courtesy of www.freedigitalphotos.net

an earlier age, would so many of us be carrying so much bad debt?

Our school system was not designed to support the concept that each and every one of us can be financially free.  Some may even laugh and call this concept ludicrous.

Is it time for an educational reform towards financial education in schools?  If we do not reform in this direction is it that we’ll continue to set our children up for failure by not giving them the necessary tools?

If we had learnt more about money in school would we be living in fear that we might lose our jobs? 

Is it that we have given up our freedom for a steady income?  Is this also the reason why some of us expect the government and/or our employer to solve our financial problems?

Ask yourself these questions: “How knowledgeable am I about money, taxes, debt, inflation and retirement?”, “Do I know how these forces affect my life?”

How interested are you in money?  Some of us will say that we have no interest in money and that money is not all that important.  Some of us will use 1 Timothy 6:10 to justify this position –

“For the love of money is a source of all kinds of evil.  Some have been so eager to have it that they have wandered away from the faith and have broken their hearts with many sorrows.” (GNT)

We should not delude ourselves about money – it is very difficult to live without it – try functioning without a source of income if you are in doubt.

 In Ecclesiastes 10:19, King Solomon said

 “Feasting makes you happy and wine cheers you up, but you can’t have either without money.” (GNT)

 Then, if money is a fact of life and an imperative element to our survival, why then aren’t we teaching more about financial literacy in our schools?

So again I ask – is there a conspiracy against our education?

You decide.





10 health benefits of dark chocolate

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Did you know that dark chocolate is good for you?

Dark chocolate can:

Chocolate slivers1. Slow the signs of ageing.

2. Lower your blood pressure.

3. Help control your blood sugar.

4. Reduce the risk of diabetes.

5. Increase the blood flow to your brain and heart.

6. Reduce your stress.

7. Improve your mood.

8. Prevent heart diseases.

9. Lower your cholesterol levels.

10. Help prevent depression.

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