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Journey through Insanity – Day 2

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Day 2 – legs still trembling…

Today I woke up with soar muscles – my body was hurting in places I forgot even existed.

Good news is, 3 minutes into today’s workout, I forgot all about my soar muscles.

Instead, I was focused on trying to stay alive to tell the tale.

Of course, I took several breaks – I was comforted by the fact that even the people on the video looked as if they too were going to die.

I thought to myself, at least I’ll see them all in heaven – we’ll each have our signs – “Died from doing Shaun T’s Insanity workout”.

But, I pressed on – pressed on with thoughts of regret about that slice of coconut cake that I had yesterday with my lunch; regrets about the other bad food choices that I made on the weekend.

However, regret didn’t linger for too long – I quickly shifted focus to ‘digging deeper’ and pushing through to the end.

And pushing through I did.


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One thought on “Journey through Insanity – Day 2

  1. Great website! Thanks for sharing your work 🙂

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