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What if…?


What if we could stop the mayhem and the nightmare?

What if we could taste the magic again?

Through the hustle and bustle of morning traffic, I chose not to do my usual “…really so much traffic, do I reaaaalllllllly need to be doing this…” speech and tried to view life through a different lens. And what an adventure it was!

Imagine what a different world this would be if each and every one of us engaged our brains; generated our edge even

– oh what endless possibilities would exist!  I will go further and say that life would not feel so much like an empty land.

I reaffirmed that choice is a beautiful thing and it is indeed possible to say yes in paradise

Personally, I knew it was all up to God and my faith and trust in Him.  He continues to show me on a daily basis how to put my best life forward

His love is as nurturing as a father’s and mother’s love.  His love endures forever and not just for 40-50 years like a roof made with wallaba or turada shingles.

He helps me to lime for living everyday.

When I am lost, tired, weary, trampled down, or just plain and simple – cyan bada [Jamaican patios which may be translated “not in the mood”], I try to always look up.  After all, millions of dreams need strong shoulders.

Be blessed.


Author: Kaynijo

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12 thoughts on “What if…?

  1. Very creative and insightful.

  2. Way to go, Author!

  3. Absolutely beautiful girl!

  4. Great post Kayni.

  5. Nice one Kay, really encouraging…

  6. Oh traffic I’m glad I don’t have to deal with it 🙂

    But I see u turned your negative into a positive. Good message and it was clever using all those billboards messages on your route to get your message across.

  7. Very clever Kaynijo!! I like!! 😀

  8. I like – positivity and perspective are everything!

  9. Amazing – well done.

  10. That’s really good!! That’s some real positive words and pictures!! I found it inspiring!!

  11. WOW, awesome – I have to keep rereading.

  12. Awesome post sis!

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