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Deh Jah – a dance ensemble that’s On a Mission


The Deh Jah Dance Theatre (“Deh Jah”) was formed some five years ago by Ghana Hyatt Samuda.  Since then, they have performed with the likes of one of Jamaica’s singing sensations, soprano Ana Strachan.

Deh Jah has also won several awards at the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (“JCDC”) Festival Competitions.

The year 2012 marked Deh Jah’s 3rd season of dance.  The show was staged at The Theatre Place during the month of August.

Now, I may not be a ballerina, nor do I hold any formal qualifications in the Performing Arts and/or Dance, but what I do know is whether or not I am being entertained – and entertained I was.

I have seen quite a few of Deh Jah’s performances over the years and I was quite impressed with the growth in technique and movement that I saw on that stage.  The costumes were vibrant and the stage was filled with dancers who convinced me that they were having a good time.

Deh Jah is fortunate to have a team consisting of persons who would bleed dance if they were to be cut with a knife.

It is my opinion that if Deh Jah continues on their current path, they can become one of the Jamaican dance companies to contend with.

Deh Jah – a dance ensemble that’s on a mission…

 Here are some highlights.


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2 thoughts on “Deh Jah – a dance ensemble that’s On a Mission

  1. I think this site contains very good subject material content.

  2. Deh Jah Dance Theatre is a new and talented Group. I am impressed with their work. Go Ghana Go Ghana!!!! And do not leave Jesus Christ out at all. He gave you guys your talent.
    Praises to HIM PRAISE HIM

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