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Look, tell me what you see…

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A female without a full length mirror (or two) in her home?!  Yes, yes, yes – indeed, this is very much possible.  How do I know this?  That female was me.

At one stage, I realised that I did not have a full length mirror anywhere in my house!

On occasion, I would check a few stores to see if they had any mirrors that interested me.  It was not until one day that I went into MegaMart that I heard one calling out to me – “…buy me…”  Who knew mirrors could talk – go figure.

There in that aisle, the sky opened up, the lights came shining down and heaven started to throw a party – at long last, I found a full length mirror for a price I was willing to pay.

So as one pleased puss [happy person], I took up my full length mirror and proceeded to the check out counter.  I subsequently made my ‘careful’ journey home.

On arriving home, the task at hand was to find the ideal spot to hang my mirror.

For those who do not know, Mathematics is what I do as my day job.  Consequently, it would be very unlike me not to ‘run some figures’.  After in-depth modelling and numerous simulations, the results were in!  The mirror was to find its home on the wall in my front room, right beside my wardrobe – perfect, voila!

I grinned – mission accomplished.

My mirror and I continued to strengthen our relationship.  I could now see what an entire outfit looked like on before I left the house.  Unfortunately, I did not always like what I saw – truthful my mirror is.

Imagine my disappointment when my sister’s friend broke my mirror.  He was replacing something in a high to reach spot above the wardrobe and bumped the mirror.  My mirror shattered on impact with the floor.

For weeks [maybe months], the sad broken mirror was leaned up against the wall.  Many a times I thought to throw it out, but for some unknown reason, I did not.

One Saturday during my cleaning routine, I picked up the sad and tattered mirror to sweep behind it.  I gave my tattered mirror a second glance and what I noticed was nothing short of amazing.

Owing to what I noticed, I decided to hang my broken and tattered mirror in the entrance passage to my home.

Above the mirror, one will find a note that says: “Look, tell me what you see.”

The responses continue to be varied.

Some have asked (the PG version) “why do you have a broken mirror in your house?”

I have been lectured or should I say ‘educated’ on the amount of bad luck that broken mirrors bring.

Some have responded, “I see absolutely nothing.  What exactly is it that I am supposed to be seeing?”

Other responses include, “I see me.”

One very vain (or should I say confident) friend, who shall remain nameless, said, “I see GQ.”

When I looked that Saturday in my broken and tattered mirror, I saw ALL of me.  Yes, a piece of the glass may be missing and yes, the frame is split open at one of the four edges, but I was able to see from the crown of my head to my well pedicured feet.

There are times in our lives when we are broken, battered, bruised, tattered and split/splitting open at our edges.  Be that as it may, Jesus still sees ALL of us, and He continues to choose to love us just as we are without judgement or condemnation

Each time I look in my broken and tattered mirror, I am reminded of the unconditional love of my Saviour.  I am reminded of the fact that He died on that cross for me and that I am saved my grace.

Whenever I worship, no longer do I need to walk with a goat or lamb or fatten calf or any other such delight and/or combination(s) thereof as was needed in the Old Testament days.  Not only can these things not fit in my car but I have no clue where I would source these choice animals on a regular basis.  Thank God for Jesus, grace and mercy.

So for all those who may have been wondering – it is not that I can not afford a shinny new full length mirror.  It is by choice that I keep my broken and tattered one.  It is a constant reminder for me that no matter how broken, used and abused I feel, Jesus sees ALL of me and loves me unconditionally – just as I am – whole and upbeat or broken and tattered.


Author: Kaynijo

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One thought on “Look, tell me what you see…

  1. Awesome, friend!!! It is indeed in brokenness that we find the truth about ourselves and Christs’ love for us.

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