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The Rich Woman Message – the message of W.O.W. (Women of Worth)

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“I feel the timing of the Rich Woman message and philosophy is more important today than ever before for women throughout the world.  Why?  Because the world is so different today for women as compared to our mother’s, our grandmother’s and our great-grandmother’s generation.  The rules, specifically around money and a woman’s financial well-being, have changed.”

(Page 3 of Rich Woman by Kim Kiyosaki)

“I think what most of us women want when it comes to finances is peace of mind.  We want to know that whatever may happen in our lives, financially, we can deal with it.  It won’t matter whether the markets are up or the markets are down because we will have the knowledge and experience to handle whatever comes our way.  That is peace of mind.”

(Page 4 of Rich Woman by Kim Kiyosaki)

The Rich Woman message was designed to be a wake-up call for women and a call to action – not only to the need for financial education, but to the value of a community of women across the globe who support and encourage one another to realise their financial goals and dreams.

Last night, I finally got to see Tyler Perry’s “For Colored Girls”, and in the midst of all the drama, if there is only but one thing that I took away from that movie it’s this…

“As women, we give up so much at times.”

When a woman knows that she can take care of herself financially, her self-confidence soars!

Don’t have the first dime, not to worry – it begins with having the correct mindset.  Let us lead by example and find the Rich Woman in us!


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