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W.O.W. (Women of Worth)

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The day I decided to take action…was the day I started W.O.W. (Women of Worth)…

What is W.O.W.?

W.O.W. is a cashflow club and an investment study group.  The fundamentals of W.O.W. are based on the Rich Woman philosophy.

What does Rich Woman stand for?

Rich in spirit…rich in family and friends…rich life experiences.  The Rich Woman philosophy begins with a rich mindset supported by financial education and a healthy attitude about money.

What are the requirement of W.O.W.?

1) A Bible.

2) A laptop with internet capabilities (desirable).

3) A dedication to improving your financial life and ultimately committed to becoming financially independent.

4) You must be upbeat and optimistic about what you can accomplish.

We love our husbands, our jobs (some of us) and our government even. However, it’s high time we realise and accept that our husbands, our bosses and/or our government cannot save us.

Is there a need for a group such as W.O.W.?

You decide…

Have a read of this article “Financial Dangers Women Face” by Mark Miller.


Here is Kim Kiyosaki’s opinion of the article (as taken from her Facebook Fan Page):

“This article explains the current economic status of women.  The solutions offered are horrible however, this writer should add another explanation, bad advice from planners.  Education has to be the 1st step.  Education of how to purchase assets NOT how to diversify your portfolio.


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