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Is this your story …?


For a few weeks now, my profile picture was changed to an illustration I found whilst searching for resources for my group W.O.W. (Women of Worth).

A little voice said to me this week, “have a look at the website that the illustration was found.” – so I did.  I quite fancied what I found on said website – it spoke to me.

So, I cannot help but to share…:-)

Is this your story …?

But until now, nothing “clicked”.  Here’s why we get stuck …

Here’s the problem …

The question now is: “How do I change my old thinking?”

There are several schools of thought on this subject matter.  I’m not here to recommend one over the other – that is a personal choice.

Choose Your Future … Shape Your Destiny

You are about to make a major decision of your life – small in terms of your investment – BIG in terms of your future.

You are here …

Do you want more of the same? Or are you ready to create a memorable future?

You choose…


(adapted from Andrew Matthews: http://successandhappiness.net)


Author: Kaynijo

Read more here: www.kaynijo.com Kaynijo.com - Live | Love | Laugh

2 thoughts on “Is this your story …?

  1. this is really good
    so how can i not respond positively?
    i choose

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