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Say NO to domestic abuse


We  had our worst argument last night, and he said a lot of cruel things that
really hurt me.

I know he is sorry and didn’t mean the things he said, because he sent me flowers today.  I got flowers today.. It wasn’t our Anniversary or any other special day.

Last night he threw me into a wall and started to choke me.  It seemed like a
nightmare, I couldn’t believe it was real.

I woke up this morning sore and bruised all over.

I know he must be sorry cause he sent me flowers today.

I got flowers today, and it wasn’t mother’s day or any other special day.

Last night, he beat me up again, it was much worse than all the other times.
If I leave him, what will I do?  How will I take care of my kids? What about


I’m afraid of him and scared to leave.

But I know he must be sorry because he sent me flowers today…

I got flowers today….

Today is a very special day. It is the day of my funeral.

Last night, he finally killed me. He beat me to death.

If only I had gathered enough courage to leave him, I would not have gotten flowers today……..

Author: Kaynijo

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2 thoughts on “Say NO to domestic abuse

  1. Abuse, there is never an excuse. Never should anyone violate another person physically,mentally or verbally, what is somewhat odd is that when society hears of someone being in an abusive relationship it’s more likely to be a woman than a man. Think about it Men are subseptible to the same abuse as women. Just wanted society to view it from a different perspective.

    • Hi Ralph,

      I concur, men are also exposed to abuse. Some may laugh at such a statement, or find it hard to believe. After all, men are physically stronger than women – so how can a man facing abuse even be possible? I personally know of such circumstances – so it is very much existent.

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