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O’Neil Jason Charles Edwards (08-May-1974 to 26-May-2010)


O’Neil Jason Charles Edwards (08-May-1974 to 26-May-2010)

Now the last dance dancehall move I probably learnt was the ‘Gully Creepa’.

I may not have kept up with the latest dancehall moves, and rest assured, I most definitely will never be hailed in my social circles (or anywhere else for that matter) as The Queen of the Dancehall.

However, one thing is certain, I have a deep appreciation and love for good dancehall music – and that is exactly what the Jamaican Dancehall trio “Voicemail” brings to the table – the kind of music that you don’t need to know how to ‘Summer Swing’ or even ‘Skip to my Lou’ (just to name two).  Their music is the kind of music that even if you have two left feet, you can’t help yourself but to move.

At his Thanksgiving Service on Saturday June 5, 2010, he was dubbed by family members as

“…the nucleus of the five-member R&B group-turned-dancehall trio and a shrewd business man”.

The most moving moment of the service was perhaps the musical tribute by various artistes who formed an ensemble, complete with conductor Ibo Cooper.  The choir comprised Voicemail members Kevin Blaire and Craig Jackson — who is credited as songwriter — Alaine, Delicious, T.O.K, To-Isis, LUST and other members of the music fraternity.

A very special “THANK YOU” to Robbie of To-Isis – thank you for posting this video for the world to see.

To Jerome ‘Craig’ Jackson and Kevin Blaire – I say, “Just dance…” and continue to produce quality dancehall music!

To O’Neil – may your memory live on…

Throw back…

1. Weh Di Time

2. Wacky Dip/Just Dance

3. Dance and Shout (Feeling Good)

4. Get The Money/Gangalee

5. Ready to Party (Weh Di Time 2)


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2 thoughts on “O’Neil Jason Charles Edwards (08-May-1974 to 26-May-2010)

  1. Well written. Local music has transitioned over the last few years leaving many artist behind. Voice Mail was not one of those who did not keep up.

    I hope the rest of the group finds the strength to keep on growing.

  2. I like the tribute in song…..

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