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Life and Its Choices


Whether we realise it or not, everyday we get up we are presented with a menu of choices.

To eat or not to eat – it’s a choice

To live a life as God intended – it’s a choice

To go to work or not – it’s a choice

To forgive or not to forgive – it’s a choice

To be happy or sad – it’s a choice

To let go of the past and our pain bodies – it’s a choice

To be rich or to be poor – it’s a choice

To succeed or to fail – it’s a choice

And the list goes on.

Everyday I get up, I have to make the choice whether or not to make life and other personal challenges get the better of me…

Everyday, I MUST face my own demons – whether I want to or not.

They just don’t seem to be going away.  As soon as I conquer one, another shows its ugly head.  I accepted awhile now that that’s just the nature of life – it is what it is.

It is important to ask the right questions.  So instead of asking:

“Why me Lord, why?!?!”

Perhaps we could ask:

“What’s the lesson here Lord?  How can I turn this situation into yet another opportunity to learn?”

Now, don’t get it twisted – I don’t always achieve taking this ‘higher ground’ approach.  Yes, there are numerous occasions that I want to sit and cry and bathe in self-pity, self-doubt, etc, etc – but this too is a choice.

I came across three short stories written by Robert Kiyosaki for his fans.  One of which is entitled “Story # 3 – Get the Loser Out of You”.  After reading this story, I thought to myself – “well if Robert has to be challenging his own demons – mi nah gwaan too bad.  There’s hope for me yet!!!”

Remember always – if the Lord brought you to it, He’ll bring you through it (regardless of how big or small your IT is).

I’m choosing life, what will your choice be?


Author: Kaynijo

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2 thoughts on “Life and Its Choices

  1. It’s interesting to note that we make choices sometimes without even knowing it! A person who is given the option of either going to work on a weekend or spending that time visiting his parents but eventually decides to do neither, has made a choice despite the fact that he/she didn’t act on the two obvious options…

    I’ve made a choice to write this comment even though not doing so wouldn’t have made your post any less relevant to my life… I’m sure that was a good choice.

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