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The Power of Thinking Like the Rich — The Message of Rich Dad Poor Dad

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Robert’s Rich Dad said: “The poor and middle class work hard for their money. The Rich have their money work hard for them.”

He had two dads, two different philosophies, two different outcomes…

His real dad was very educated, worked hard, and made a good income. However, his real dad (poor dad) held traditional views about money and as a result ended up struggling financially all his life.  His rich dad, (actually, his friend’s dad) did not have a college degree, also worked hard, but he thrived financially.

Rich Dad Vs. Poor Dad

Your Financial Success Depends on What you Know About Money

Most of us, set out to get an education in hopes of getting a safe and secure job and ultimately being able to provide for ourselves and our family.  However, the education most of us receive does not actually teach us what we need to know to be truly successful and in command of our finances.  There are three types of education.

1. Academic Education – this is what we went to school to learn.

2. Professional Education – we may learn this at college or on the job.  This education should help us learn how to be successful.

3. Financial Education – this is the type of education that teaches us what we should be doing with our money to be successful, especially in today’s economy.

Rich Dad World helps you learn Rich Dad’s lessons.

If you are having trouble thinking rich, or are yet to actually apply this type of thinking to your life, I’d encourage you to get free access to the Rich Dad PowerPack



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